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Open-up Possibilities, with Prototypes, to Prove and Decide

The LAB, with a Tested Expertise, finds fastly which Solutions are Valuables to take the Projects to a New Dimension.

If all New Identified Possibilities has been already Explored, by trying,  it's Easier to Detect the Good Ones.

After that, The LAB is able to Mix or Merge them to Determine the Directions accordingly to Validated Ideas & Visuals provided by The STUDIO.
(view "Films & Motion Design Works with Unique Effects")

The Result can go further with a Prototyped System.
It can be Functional and be Used Directly to Test it.

Finally, with The FACTORY, the Prototyped Solution can be turned into a More Dedicated Small-sized Handy Full Functional System.
(view "On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products")

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