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On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products

If Easy Set-Up, One-Click Installation over Multi-Locations & Being Super-Small is the Project's Goal:
The FACTORY provides Dedicated, Easy to Use, Standalone, Portable and Scalable Handy Products.

Often, People wants big systems to finelly use it at 10% or even less.
If you Determine what you need, you can Design the Perfect System with just what is Necessary to be Right on Size, Latency and Energy Consumption.

By creating Dedicated Wireless Devices, Displayings can:

- Be Organized in Multiple Locations (for example: simultaneously in 10 Different Stores)
- Fit in Small Spaces (Rooftops, Small Show-Windows, Cars, ...)
- Run on Batteries to be Fully Portable and Mobile
- Be turned On/Off in One Click
- Be linked Together (without wires to be organized in Multiscreen Mode)
- Be Mixed with Other Technologies (VR, Vmapping, DMX Lights, 110-220V Devices, ...)

These Displaying Systems can be Small-sized & Standalone and be Integrated with other Professional Media Servers or Systems like: Watchout, Hippotizer, Resolume, MadMapper, ....

Due to their Modularity, these Products or Systems can be Adapted to Every Situations.

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