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Dynamic Billboard with Personnalized Infos Synced in VR & Realtime

With a small On Demand Designed System any Billboard or Frame
can be turned into Dynamic Displays.

Create a Personnalized Unique VR Connection with each User's Smartphone 
& a Central Dynamic Display.

This Prototyped Version shows how it works & displays selected infos on User's Phone.
Buttons can be added (a green one here) to Interact with the Main Billboard.

This System can Display & Update Infos or Feeds in Realtime like a Customizable Connected Walls.

But if more Infos need to be displayed like:

- Messages in different languages
- Contents adapted to each User
- more Explainations about one already displayed info

The best solution is to use Each User's Smartphone to Create a Personnalized Unique VR Connection with the Main Display (Billboard or Anything).

This Wireless, Portable & Fully Functional System can even work without Main Display if needed.

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