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Event turned into an Interactive Holographic Presentation

Property Developers in Dakar (Senegal) asked for an Holographic Video Mapping Installation to show their 4 last real estate projects during an Event.
They wanted to showcase the 4 Buildings successively in a 2 minutes Linear Looped Movie with Holographic Video Effects (made with Cinema4D & After Effects).
The Film was videoprojected on a semi-transparent Screen.

The Original Set-Up is Turned into an Interactive Multi-Users Video Mapping Installation with Interactions to Make the Buildings Pop Up or Down.

The First Video shows an Interactive Release of the Original Set-Up:
Multi-Users reveal the 4 Buildings with their Smartphones.
The Second Video, as a Proof Of Concept, shows how Smartphones are Connected
to Share, Process & Send Datas between them before to Send them to the Screen .
Video Mapping is Synced Using the Same Techniques & System.

All the Users can interact to make the Buildings Pop Up or Down by Triggering the Buttons.
Other Touchless Interactions or with Real Objects are also Possible with this kind of Installations.

Interactions can be Mixed Together to create Different Combinations 
can also be Associated with Connections
(More Details Here.)

And this Displayings are Adaptative & Scalable 
(More Examples Here.)
and can become On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products
(More Details Here.)
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