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Interactive Multi-User Multi-Screens with 3D Rigged Dancers

Windows Fulfilled with Animations Made with Cinema4d & After Effects.
The Designed Dancers are Rigged in Cinema4d to be Fully Animated.

Increase The Visuals, Not the technical Area with Interactions, Synchronized Video Mappings & Screens

By Minimizing the Technical Area: 
Video Mapping Set-ups & Hardware installations can be considerabily Reduced to Display Videos in Unexpected Places.

And if No Space is Available in Front of the Building: Wireless Synced Multi-Screens can Replace Video Mappings to Produce the Same Large Effect,  even with a Simple RaspberryPi or other CreditCard Small-Sized Computers.

5 Wireless Synced Systems behind each Windows, driving 1 LED Screen or 1 Videoprojector behind each Windows to Display 5 Independant Animations, Make this Displaying Interactive.

Synced Wireless Multi-Screens can also be Used to Display One Large Interactive Image.

The following Video shows how Smartphones can be Connected to Share, Process & Send Datas between Phones, before to Send Datas to the Screens: 

Multi-Screens or Video Mappings are Synced Using the Same Techniques & System.

Multi-Users can interact with each Dancer Animation with their Smartphones or by Touchless Interactions to make them turn clockwise or counterclockwise.

For making this Installation Touchless Reactive: have a look at this Portable System
(Fully Detailed Here.)

Interactions can be Mixed Together to create Different Combinations 
can also be Associated with Connections
(More Details Here.)

And this Displayings are Adaptative & Scalable 
(More Examples Here.)
and can become On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products
(More Details Here.)

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