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Motion Design Films with Realtime Elements & Live Feeds

With Connections, you can create More than a simple Social Wall.
Here, the Texts are imported & Updated from Twitter in Realtime, and are visualy Mixed in a 3D Layout made with Cinema4D.

This Kind of Displaying can be Set on Monitors or projected on Walls.

By adding a Connected Dimension to Motion Design you can:

- Mix Multiple Live Feeds (from different sources)
- Add Wireless Live Cameras
- Add a Branded or Unique Layout or Identity
- Create Schedules to update Infos and Contents according to the needs
- Use and update in realtime: text, photos & videos (from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, ...)
- Use Feeds from Local Hard-Drives
- Manipulate RealTime Datas

Connections can be Mixed Together to create Different Combinations 
can also be Associated with Interactions
(More Details Here.)

And this Displayings are Adaptative & Scalable 
(More Examples Here.)
and can become On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products

(More Details Here.)
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