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Motion Design Interactions From Sensors With Physical Real Objects

New Displayings with Screens & Motion Design can be Mixed with Real Objects.
The whole Set-Up can be Controlled with Smartphone or other Interactions.

Make Visuals & Real Objects Playing Together

This POC (Proof of Concept) shows how a System (on RaspberryPI, Soc, Microprocessor or PC) can Control a Wireless Motorized Balloon with a Smartphone & a Dedicated App.

This System can control Motion Design Films or Generative Visuals in the same way, as shown in the following Interactions.

with a Wireless Gyroscope Sensor hidden in the Sneaker.

with 2 Wireless Pressure Sensors hidden in or under the Seat.

with a Mobile Wireless Camera to track a Marker (the red dot on the record)

Many different Interactions can be Achieved with Simple Webcams & Recognition Softwares, Light sensors or other Sensors.

One or More Real Objects can be triggered at the Same Time by Multiple Users.

Interactions can be Mixed Together to create Different Combinations 
can also be Associated with Connections
(More Details Here.)

And this Displayings are Adaptative & Scalable 
(More Examples Here.)
and can become On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products
(More Details Here.)
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