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Interactive Portable Touchless System & Video Mapping

Reconnect To Nature is an Audio-Visual Interactive Installation.
Touchless Interactions are made with a Kinect but can be achieved with an On Demand Designed System(like This One Here.)

The System Turns Any Screens into an Interactive or Reactive Display.

Multiple Users can play with a Digital Vegetal Installation.

The Displaying is presented in 2 versions : one on a LCD Screen & the other projected on wall using Video Mapping techniques.

Triggerings, coming from hands or full body in the 3D space in front of the Installation, are collected by a kinect V1 to animate the 3D designed leafs and playing sounds accordingly.

The Kinect can be replaced by a More Portable System with Wireless Camera Tracking 
(More Details Here.)

And Other Interactions are also Possible with this kind of Installations.

Interactions can be Mixed Together to create Different Combinations 
can also be Associated with Connections
(More Details Here.)

And this Displayings are Adaptative & Scalable 
(More Examples Here.)
and can become On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products
(More Details Here.)
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