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A New Dimension to be Adaptative & Scalable

Developped with Arduino or RaspberryPI Devices to display More Visuals Wirelessly, Motion Design & Creative Technology Extend all Displayings to a Next New Level.

For an Architectural Permanent Displaying, having wires everywhere, a Huge Technical Room or a Permanent Video Mapping Installation can be a real Problem when All Windows are Separated from each other by Walls !

With a Adaptative & Scalable System: 

Make Interactive & Connected Large Displayings Anywhere !

Behind each Window, Videoprojectors, LED / DMX Lights, TV Screens or Anything can be Synced & Controlled as in this Wirelessly Motorized Balloon Set-Up:

This SetUp, can work with Batteries to be More Mobile or Completely Wireless.

With these Custom Systems Units (one per Motorized Device, Screen or Device to Sync : All is Connected without cables and wires.

- Instead of an Expensive Video Mapping Installation, Sync a LCD Screen or a Light Projector behind each Window to Make a Big Unique Visual Design.

- One Ballon behind Every Windows, in a Tall Building, can React to Music or Multi Users Interactions.
- Creating a Forrest of Wireless Balloons on Tables and Adding Interactions becomes Possible !

By adding 1 more custom Unit, you can Control Remotely the Whole Displaying or Make it Multi-User if wanted.

The System become Adaptative to Every situation & Easily Scalable !

To Animate Visuals or Real Object Together anywhere to Make Very Large Displayings !

With Dedicated Coding to exactly doing what is Expected and Custom Hardware Solutions to reduce the System to its Minimal Size.
UsingWireless Technologies to Fit to Every Displaying Creation with a Maximal Discretion.

 All the Technologies used for Extending the Visuals can be contained in a Small Hardware Solution to be easily setted up and/or Remotely Updated: in One place or in Multiple locations at the Same Time.

These Adaptative & Scalable Displayings easily become On Demand Designed Systems & Completely Functional Products
(More Details Here.)

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