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A New Dimension with Interactions and Connections

With a Large range of Wireless Sensors and Live Feeds, Visuals can be Interactive and Customizable to become a Communicanting, Connected & Engaging Space. Interactions can be Multi-Users (or just Single) according to the Needs.

18SIX Studio-Lab-Factory provides Motion Design Works wich  can be Easily Extended to an Interactive & Connected Media.

Interactions & Connections can be:
- Single or Multi-User
- Used for Small-Sized or very Large Displayings
- Provided by Fully Functional System: Portable, Standalone (without Additional Dependencies)
- Compatible with Existing Softwares & Hardwares (VideoMapping Softwares, Kinect, Leapmotion, ...)

Interactions can be:
- Touchless with Hands
From & With Real Objects & Sensors
- Multi-User with Smartphones

Connections can Use, Add,  Mix & Update: Texts, Photos, Videos, Feeds, Datas, Cameras.

The Interactions

- Touchless with Hands & Full Body

On Demand System, Kinect or Leapmotion for Touchless Interactions

The System can turn Any Screen in an Interactive or Reactive Display. 
(More Details Here.)

On Demand System for Full Flexibility with Wall, Tabletops or Floor Displayings

Interactions can be created with a Smartphone Camera & a small Computer (like RaspberryPÏ).
All is Wireless to be Integrated and Hidden easily in Any Situations.
(More Details Here.)

An another Portable System for Multi-User & Full Body Reactive for Stages or large Spaces.

For really Large Displayings or Installations : More Portable Systems can be added Wirelessly to create a larger Interactive Zone.

- Interactions FROM & WITH Real Objects & Sensors

Many Different Interactions can be Achieve with Simple Webcams & Recognition Softwares, Light Lensors, Gyroscopes or Other Sensors.
With Sensors, objects like Sneakers, Chairs, Turntables or Motorized Balloons can be turned on Wireless Interactive Controllers or Wireless Remoted Devices.

(More Details Here.)

One or More Real Objects can be triggered at the same time by Multiple Users.

- Multi-Users Interactions with Smartphones

This Example shows 3 Buttons Pushed or Pulled by 3 Different Users.
The 3 Connected Phone's Interfaces are Updated according to the others.
The Collected Datas (on/off in this case) can then be sent to One other Device or Displaying for Interactions.

One or More Users can use Buttons, Sliders, shake their Phones or use it as a real joystick to Simultaneously create any kind of Interactions.

The Connections

With Connections, you can create More than a simple Social Wall.
By adding a Connected Dimension to Motion Design you can:

- Mix Multiple Live Feeds (from different sources)
- Add Wireless Live Cameras
- Add a Branded or Unique Layout or Identity
- Create Schedules to update Infos and Contents according to the needs
- Use and update in realtime: text, photos & videos (from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, ...)
- Use Feeds from Local Hard-Drives
- Manipulate RealTime Datas

These Realtime Datas, Connections & Interactions can be Integrated to all kind of New Displayings for New Stories.
(More Details Here.)

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